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High Grade 316L Stainless steel Chain Locking BDSM Slave Bondage Day Bracelet / wrist collar and lock



This day collar is made of the highest quality stainless steel, which is Solid 316L Surgical Steel. It is nickel FREE and is suitable for 24/7 wear! 24/7 means that the metal can stay in constant contact with the skin without causing any allergic reaction with the skin as well as worn continually with normal use (bathing, swimming etc.). *24/7 does NOT mean indestructible or that it cannot be damaged.* Make sure to continue reading to make sure that the lock you choose along with this collar is also 24/7 wear in the "LOCKS" section of this description! The collar above is shown with a nickel plated mini heart. This collar can be made in a longer length. If needed, do not buy this listing. Instead, write us directly regarding this request and well will gladly help you out with a private listing to account for the additional length charge. Please continue reading.

This collar comes with either a FREE Nickel Plated padlock (Heart or Round Shape) and 2 keys or a FREE Solid 316L Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasp. Other Lock options are available. To upgrade your nickel plated lock or lobster claw clasp, please see your available upgrade options in the pictures and the lock details below.

Please note that it is ultimately and solely up to you to choose the Total Length that fits you best. The size you choose in the “Total Length” drop down is NOT your neck, ankle or wrist measurement. It is the total size for the collar, which includes the lock. If you need help with this please contact us before purchasing. We are always here to help!

-Sizing Suggestion:
Take a string, shoelace, cord, or something similar to the thickness of the collar and put it around your neck, wrist or ankle to fall where you want it. It is very important that it fits exactly as you would like your collar to fit. It is a good idea to tape it together so you can look at it without having to have your hand holding it. Wear it for a bit, walk around, move, and make sure it feels comfortable. This will assure the correct total size and measurement and will duplicate the same results in the custom collar we make for you. Once it fits how you like it, measure it on a ruler and that measurement you get is your total length.

You can also follow our sizing tutorial for this kind of collar here:

LOCKS: (See pictures above)

-NICKEL PLATED LOCK -FREE with collar purchase- : (NOT 24/7 wear)
This is the same kind of lock you can find at any other BDSM collar and equipment store. These metal alloy, nickel plated locks are plated with copper and then finished with a silvery mirror nickel plating. However, like all plated items, the plating WILL wear away with time and use (typically 1-6 months of constant wear, but varies with use and care) and will need to be replaced eventually. Do not expose this lock to water, sweat or chemicals to prolong the already eventual wear of the nickel plating. For wearers with sensitive skin, please know that this locks nickel content can cause an allergic reaction. This lock comes with two nickel plated keys. Additional keys can be purchased and found in the "lock" section of our store.

*Nickel Plated Round: (Approximately) 40.5mm Height x 26mm Width x 7mm Depth x 3.5mm Hasp

*Nickel Plated Heart: (Approximately) 28mm Height x 22mm Width x 6mm Depth x 2.5mm Hasp

-316L STAINLESS STEEL LOBSTER CLAW CLASP -FREE with collar purchase -: (24/7 wear)
This is a standard necklace lobster claw clasp found on jewelry necklaces (not collars). This is a JEWELRY COMPONENT that is FREE and included in place of the FREE nickel plated lock if preferred. This is not an upgrade nor is it a lock in any way shape or form. This is not a locking component. ONLY here at ToBeHis can you upgrade to a permanently lasting and skin friendly lock. See your 24/7 wearable lock options below.

ONLY here at ToBeHis can you upgrade to this permanently lasting and skin friendly lock. This lock is composed entirely of the highest quality stainless steel (including the inner spring), which is 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. This lock comes with one 316L stainless steel key. Additional keys can be purchased and found in the "lock" section of our store. *These locks are both hallmarked with our legal company name on the side. This mark is required of us by law and cannot be circumvented under any circumstance as a legal LLC.* Stainless Steel is a hard metal and should NEVER be paired with soft metals such as sterling and gold to minimize damage to the softer precious metals.

*316L Micro Heart: (Approximately) 16.5mm Height x 12.5mm Width x 4mm Depth x 1.75mm Hasp

*316L Mini Heart: (Approximately) 29.5mm Height x 23mm Width x 6mm Depth x 2.5mm Hasp

*316L Micro Round: (Approximately) 19mm Height x 12.5mm Width x 4mm Depth x 1.75mm Hasp

*316L Mini Round: (Approximately) 27mm Height x 18mm Width x 6mm Depth x 2.5mm Hasp

LOCK ENGRAVING: (IMPORTANT -Please see pictures above)


*Engravings extend the processing time listed in the above and accordingly labeled tab. Message us first to ask for an approximate time frame if needed.*

Please remember that the length of text is limited to the size of the lock you select. All engravings must be mindfully short. There is no set number of characters as it depends so heavily on the selected font, as well as the lock chosen. ALL engravings are ok! Remember, we are in the lifestyle as well and have been doing this for years. Nothing shocks us, so don't feel you must forgo the engraving you desire for the sake of modesty.

We offer lock engraving for ALL of our locks! We do NOT engrave our collars themselves. The charges are as follows, with your choice of either ALL CAPS BLOCK or Script font (See pictures above):

FRONT(keyhole side) or BACK

-One Sided Engraving $14.95
-Both Sided Engraving $29.95

BDSM Triskelion engravings are $9.95. Please look into our “Lock” shop selection to view our Triskelion engravings.

Purchasing any item from ToBeHis is confirmation that you understand the entire purchase thoroughly, that you've read the description/shop policies and understand them entirely. Also that you agree to our store polices and that you've seen the processing time (found above in the accordingly labeled tab.) for this particular item. After reading the description in its entirety, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us for help! We are typically lighting fast with responses and we are always SO happy to help our customers!

Thanks again!