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Store Policies

Hello and Welcome to ToBeHis Luxury Hand Crafted Custom Collars and Locks!

We are so honored to be able to make beautiful Day Collars that are so special and important to our customers. We consider it a privileged to be able to be a part of the lives of our "lifestyle" counterparts. 

In order to serve our customers better and for there to be no confusion or miscommunication we strongly suggest you read all of the shop's policies, shop announcements, descriptions, pictures and processing times before ordering. This way we are both on the same page which will hopefully prevent any problems or misunderstandings.

Thank you!



Processing times vary from product to product.  Because processing times can change depending on how busy we are we are not able to give an exact time.  Below is a range for each product category:

Stainless Steel Collars & Locks- 3-5 days processing (before shipping)
Sterling Silver Linked Collars- 3-7 days processing (before shipping)
Sterling Silver Solid Cuff Collars- 2-4 Weeks processing (before shipping)
Sterling Silver Locks & Clasps- 3 days processing (before shipping)
14K Gold Collars & Locks- 2-4 Weeks processing (before shipping)

If you need something made faster or need a more accurate time please email us BEFORE purchasing.  We always try and work with our customers.


You MUST read our shop polices before purchasing, to make sure there is not any information there regarding processing times, that may not coincide with any specific collars listed processing time. This is encouraged by ToBeHis LLC.  By purchasing any of our items, you accept full responsibly for having read this policy and agree unconditionally to all information relayed here.

Many countries including the UK impose import taxes on items purchased from the United States (which is where we are located). We here at ToBeHis have absolutely no control over your government's laws on imported items and therefore we can not be held in any way responsible for charges imposed by your government. Please note this is NOT a United States law but your countries law. If you have any questions about how much the charges are you will need to contact your local postal service or government. We cannot know this information nor can we control it in any way. Thank you!

If the tracking number information for the package in question states that it was "delivered", then ToBeHis LLC. is not responsible for issuing a replacement nor a refund. It is also not ToBeHis LLC. 's responsibility to initiate nor follow any investigation made by USPS. Because the package was marked as "delivered" this is your responsibility to see throughout entirely. If a package is damaged during transit, photo documentation of the entire shipment (as it was delivered to you) must be presented to us via email provided for you here on on the SAME exact day as delivery stated on the tracking. NO LATER, NO EXCEPTIONS. These pictures in turn will depict proof of official USPS documentation that will have already been adhered on the damaged package before delivery for you. All "damage" packages will be handled on an individual basis and to our discretion.

Refunds and Exchanges etc.

You MUST read our shop polices before purchasing. This is required by ToBeHisLLC. Please know that we make only custom made, "to order"  and hand tailored items. Like all custom items, this does not allow for any refunds. Under no circumstance are refunds given. You have been provided all and any information as well as many ways to communicate with us if you're not sure about something.  We give you all the tools and information with which you may base an educated decision to purchase one of our products. Failure to utilize said information is in buyer error and is classified as buyer neglect.

ToBeHis does not carry "inventory" or "pack and ship" items. You will not find a single mass produced item here! Each piece is custom made to order. There are no exchanges on any custom made items, of which every item in our store is.

If for any reason it is determined that our workmanship or product is defective, we will repair it and or replace it at our cost including round trip postage. This of course is at our discretion and will be determined by us on an individual case basis. If it is determined that the damage or problem was caused by the user, a repair/ fee of at least $24.95 (or more depending on the situation) will be charged not including round trip shipping. It is our only goal to make quality products and to make our customers happy but we cannot be held responsible for user "misuse."

By purchasing from our store you accept full responsibly for having read this policy and agree unconditionally to all information relayed here.
Additional policies and FAQs
We utilize our right to cancel or deny ANY order, as we see fit. Orders to which we will exercise this right include but are not limited to:

-Customers to which we have had (or are presently having) troublesome dealings with.
- extortion of any kind (including venue extortion.)
- inappropriate or abusive language.
- copyright, trademark or patent abuse.

Failure to select a correct total length or size upon ordering falls under "buyer neglect", as there is an abundance of information (including a sizing video) and tips, to help you figure out your total length. ToBeHis is no way responsible for a wrong size selected by the buyer. By purchasing from ToBeHis, you agree to ALL information relayed here on this entire web page, and understand that ToBeHis is not responsible if you purchase an incorrect size or total length. If you are unsure please contact us BEFORE your purchase and we will be more than happy to help you determine the correct size. We are always here to help and we want nothing more than for our customers to be totally happy with their purchase.  
We can, for an additional fee ($24.95 minimum) re-size your collar.  Some collar cannot be resized so please always contact us beforehand.  Any collars (or products) that are returned with no authorization will be immediately returned to the customer. Typically alterations can take from 4-6 weeks depending on our work queue.   

That being said, while we can shorten most of our collars  many  CANNOT physically be lengthened. In this case, you will have to purchase an entirely new collar if you want to replace it with a larger size . We cannot force you to read the information or look at our photos, we can only offer all necessary information (via word and pictures and videos), and hope you will utilize them. **Please note: ToBeHis cannot manipulate the laws of physics.** If it cant be lengthened, we can not change that.

Collars that cannot be lengthened are as follows:

ALL Sterling/Gold Cuffs (Neck, wrist and ankle).
ALL Leather Collars.
ALL "Other" section collars.
ALL Pearl Collars.
ALL Crystal Collars.
Certain Stainless Steel collars (please ask)
Certain Sterling/Gold Collars (please ask)

By purchasing from our store you accept full responsibly for having read this policy and agree unconditionally to all information relayed here.

Our collars are specifically "Day Collars." We know many of our customers are new to the lifestyle and might not know what the true definition of a day collar is.  Please see our FAQs section for a more detailed description of what a day collar is. 
Day collars (and locks) are jewelry meant to be STRICTLY ornamental (for show). They are used ONLY as a SYMBOL of our lifestyle and are not made or designed to be used in any stressful situation.  They are not designed to be used in any kind of"restraint" or "play" or to be subject to any kind of activity that would potentially damage it. For example, if you think something you're doing might damage the collar then it probably isn't a good idea to take it off  while doing so. If you're collar is delicate, it's probably no a good idea to sleep with it on or go to the gym or mountain climbing with it on. We ask that our customers please use common sense when wearing our jewelry. We CANNOT be held responsible for user misuse. If you have any questions about how the collar should be used PLEASE ask us before purchasing. We are always here to help!

Our definition of what 24/7 means is that the item can be used during daily activities such as showering, swimming, and sweating without damaging the item or causing any kind of rust, discoloration or malfunction. While all of our collars (except leather and pearls)  can be worn continuously (24/7)  with out problems, some of our 24/7 rated collars are too delicate to be worn during certain activities such as sleeping or while doing strenuous activities like hiking or mountain climbing etc.... Again, we ask that you exercise common sense while using our products. If you think it can possibly be damaged by your activities it probably will be. We are always here for our customers, if you're not sure about something please ask us, we are always happy and eager to help you!

We are also in the lifestyle so we know that a "locking" collar is important but we are required for liability reasons, to state that we do not recommend locking a collar around your neck, ankle or wrist without a key in your physical possession for safety purposes. If you do, you should always have a key close by in case of emergency. A locking collar can be a safety hazard and should be used for ornamental purposes ONLY. IF YOU LOCK THE COLLAR ON YOUR NECK, ANKLE OR WRIST YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WE HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY CAUSED BY WEARING OUR JEWELRY.